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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

By: Charmendra Yarrada

"I will persist, until I succeed" - OG Mandino.

A pebble thrown into a still pond will not make a huge wave, but it will make a ripple, which then reverberates outward till it reaches the edge of the shore. Like pebbles, we too have such an effect. Each person is essential to the whole and each holds the potential for greatness. As an ordinary girl living in a simple life, I couldn’t imagine those small steps I took and brought me to a place I am right now. With all life difficulties, I am still standing in awe with head held high, following God’s will and treasure those individuals who made my journey a meaningful one. I’ll just give you a snap of how I surpass life challenges and inspire those dream weavers to keep fighting.

I just remember way back then when my mom was invited by her close friend who is a member of CCF (Christ’s Commision Fellowship) to apply for a scholarship grant at United Neon Foundation, Inc., my mom unhesitantly took the opportunity of allowing me to undergo for an interview. I was in a euphoric state, considering that we are not financially stable and with all my will, I grabbed the chance to apply for the scholarship and be a scholar of the company which main mission is to help those deserving students to pursue their studies. I was in my 2nd year college at Olivarez College at that time, and I fervently pray for God to guide me all throughout the screening process. I underwent for an interview, and “Yes, I’ve made it” – these were the words I uttered while in bliss for I passed the interview with God’s guidance.

As part of the contract, there was an agreement that I should be achieve good grades consistently and attend weekly Saturday Elevate and Sunday services as part of our Values Formation activity. I accepted it wholeheartedly and at that time. willingly took part of engaging myself to amplify my spiritual drive and connection with God. Throughout that journey, I was able to meet new people, hear their stories, and have my own d-group leader who shares the gospel of the Lord. It is more into building a strong and unbreakable relationship with Him.

Other than helping us in building a deeper relationship with Christ and to other people, the foundation also provided a financial assistance to pay for my tuition fee, books and also assisted financially during my tour when I have my internship. Aside from that, UNFI also conducts series of events for scholars to grow holistically by inviting great speakers for the scholars to realize that giving up is never an option. In these trying times of COVID-19 pandemic, they also provided support by giving out goods to sustain our daily living. They ensure that all beneficiaries are safe and provided. I feel so grateful that amidst life’s uncertainties God sends people to help out to those in need.

And with that, I am eternally thankful to this foundation and would also like to mention a few people who contributed a lot throughout this journey. I would like to extend my gratitude to Mrs. Fanny Lim, UNFI Executive Director - for giving her unconditional support to me and my mom, to Ms. Alegria Toledo, UNFI Executive Assistant/Social worker for always guiding us and to United Neon Foundation, Inc. for being an instrument of God to fulfil my studies.

Words aren’t enough to express how eternally grateful and honored I am to be part of this foundation where I grow emotionally and spiritually. I’ll forever cherish it and promote altruism to everyone who is in need. And now I can finally say I’m a Bachelor of Science in Tourism graduate and a proud UNFI scholar.




Batch 2019-2020

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