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United Neon Foundation, Inc. is committed to its programs and services namely:

Scholarship Program

We are making an impact on the lives of
112 scholars by providing:

Tuition Fee & Miscellaneous Fees

The foundation provides this assistance to those who are in public/private SHS and College/Universities.

Book, Material &

Mobile Allowance

In line with the current pandemic's online learning transition, we also support their needs to their online classes.


Counselling & Case Management

Provides psycho-social counselling and case management to scholars with special cases.

Mentorship/ Leadership Programs

Every scholars is encouraged to undergo ELEVATE Trainings and attend weekly worship services for their character and values formation program.

Our partner schools are:


St. Stephen's High School

(for High School Students)


Trinity University of Asia

(BS Respiratory Therapy and BS Radiologic Technology Courses)


FEBIAS College of Bible

For Theological and Pastoral Courses

Alternative Learning System Program


Other related programs & services:

Community Outreach
for Disaster and Risk Situations

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