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United Neon Foundation, Inc. is now accepting scholarship applications for incoming Grade 11 and College students (any level) in preparation for the school year 2023-2024.


The scholarship program supports the education efforts of promising young scholars with several program services:

  1. 100 % tuition coverage.

  2. Allowance is given to all scholars in state universities while for private universities is on per-need basis.

  3. Bag and shoe allowance and book allowance are given per-need basis.

  4. One-on-one counseling sessions with scholars every semester to discuss their personal well being and development.

  5. A mentorship program that connects scholars to working professionals in similar field.

  6. Annual summer camp that trains scholars in “soft skills” not traditionally taught in universities, such as resume writing, interviewing tips, communication skills, values and life planning.

  7. Internship and job placement assistance, if applicable.


  • Grade Requirement: at least 85% on GWA with no grade lower than 80

  • Incoming Senior High School

  • Any gender

  • For single applicants only

  • No recorded offense or bad conduct.

Pre- Screening Requirements:

  • Photocopy of Report Card (GWA must be 85 above with no grade below 80

  •  School ID

  • PSA/NSO Birth Certificate

  • 2x2 Photo

  • Any proof of billing named after the applicant’s family.

  •  Income Tax Return (BIR Form no. 1700) optional, if parents are employed

  •  If ITR is not available, parents must submit proof of wages received such as pay slip or Cert. of Indigency.



The applicant may submit his/her application via online ( send it at or by personally dropping by at the office.

Exam & Interview

The applicant will answer a short exam via online or actual take. After taking the exam, the admin will schedule an interview date.


The application will undergo a thorough deliberation with the Executive Director.



The applicant will be visited by a registered Social Worker to conduct further assessment.


The accepted applicant may proceed with the contract signing of his/her scholarship grant.

Contact Info:

For more details, please contact: 

Ms. Alegria Krizia Jane Toledo, RSW - 0999-8812404

or e-mail

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