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ALS is a free education program developed by the Department of Education (DepEd) back in 1997.  “Intensifying and expanding the ALS will enable those not reached by the formal system to complete basic education or acquire lifelong learning.” (Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022) This program is seen to benefit mostly those that cannot fit into the formal school system like people with special needs, indigenous peoples, out-of-school children and youth, and adult learners who wish to complete the elementary and junior high school levels. The program provides appropriate educational interventions that embraces an inclusive approach to learning bringing together formal, non-formal and informal sources of knowledge and skills. 

What do we offer?

In alignment and compliance with DepEd’s Alternative Learning System, the following programs are offered:


  • Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Program for Elementary and Junior High

  • Basic Literacy Program

  • InfEd program (Informal Education programs)


And, as supplementary learnings, the Foundation is infusing a VALUES EDUCATION program into the ALS curriculum.


We accept learners who are aiming to graduate from the Elementary level OR complete the Junior High School level and are:

  • 12yo upon A&E exam for Elementary

  • 16yo upon A&E exam for Junior High

  • Filipino citizen by birth

  • Out of school youth or adults (OSY or OSA)

  • Out of school children with special needs


The demographic of these learners may include any of the following: 

  • unemployed/underemployed OSYs or OSAs 

  • elementary and secondary school leavers 

  • blue collar / factory workers, white collar employees, housewives, maids, drivers 

  • members of cultural minorities / indigenous peoples 

  • persons with disabilities

  • inmates and perpetual convicts

  • assimilated rebel soldiers or people with criminal records


We aim to prioritize learners that live below the poverty line, predominantly coming from depressed, disadvantaged, and underserved communities.  

Requirements for Application:

The basic documentary requirement for an ALS registrant is the following:


  1. 6 pcs 1x1 photo with embedded name tag

  2. Any of the following identification document:

    • PSA certified Birth Certificate

    • PSA certified Marriage Certificate

    • Baptismal records showing the date of birth

    • Barangay Clearance

    • Other government issued ID such as voters ID, BIR, TIN that shows the birthday of the ID holder




Aspiring learners must go to the ALS Learning Center along with their requirements. For online ALS, the learners must contact the Instructional Manager via email or Messenger.


He/she will take the Functional Literacy Test (FLT) to be administered by the Instructional Manager (IM) of the Learning Center. This is a leveling exam that will assist the IM in assessing the learner’s suitable level whether it be Basic Literacy, Elementary or Junior High.

Completion of Requirements

Once the level is identified, the learner will be expected to comply with all the requirements of the ALS program that comprises the modules completion, portfolio content compliance, Revalida completion and A&E review.

Certification Issuance & ALS Accreditation & Equivalency Examination

When all requirements have been complied with, the learner will be issued a Certificate of Program Completion, and will be registered for the ALS Accreditation & Equivalency examination.


After passing the ALS A&E, the learner will be provided with a Diploma, a Certificate of Rating of CoR, an AF5 form which is equivalent to DepEd’s Form 137 record. The learner can choose to attend or not attend the commencement exercises organized by the DepEd division they belong to. However the Foundation will expect full participation from the learners in its internally organized commencement exercises.

Contact Info:

For more details, please contact:

Teacher Judith Flancia

ALS Instructional Manager



Teacher Maylyn Tañamor

ALS Instructional Manager


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